Videogame review – Spiderman: Edge of Time

NEW YORK (CNS) — Superhero games have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years. Once mere cash-ins with terrible gameplay and hideous graphics, 2009 introduced the expansive “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” and 2010 brought the enjoyable web-’em-up “Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions.”

Catholic News Service Movie Review: Tower Heist

NEW YORK (CNS) — Workers at a luxury Manhattan apartment building plan to rob a felonious financier in the action-comedy “Tower Heist” (Universal). What could have been a crowd-pleasing caper is marred by a steady stream of crude language. Though it features some amusing moments courtesy of a talented ensemble, the topical romp is also […]

Book outlines opportunities for lay people to engage with their faith

Living the Call: An Introduction to the Lay Vocation, Michael Novak and William E. Simon Jr., Encounter Books (New York, 2011). 191 pp., $21.95. “Living the Call: An Introduction to the Lay Vocation” is an accessible but far from cliché book about the crucial roles that laypeople play in the Catholic Church. While the number […]

Movie Review: “The Way”

“The Way” opens  in theaters today, Friday, Oct. 7. Check your local theater for show times. NEW YORK (CNS) — A thinking person’s road movie, “The Way” (Producers Distribution Agency /ARC) follows a quartet of central characters along the ancient pilgrimage route from France to the Spanish shrine of Santiago de Compostela, even as it conducts […]

Ratings for recent films

NEW YORK (CNS) Here is a list of recent films that Catholic News Service has rated on the basis of moral suitability. The first symbol after each title is the Catholic News Service classification. The second symbol is the rating of the Motion Picture Association of America. CNS classifications: A-I general patronage; A-II adults and […]

Watch a video excerpt of the inaugural Concert at the Cathedral

Inaugural Concert at the Cathedral - Vox Renaissance Consort's Angelus, Sept. 16 at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

Does Mario go to Mass? Catholic gamers and the video game industry

Is it possible to be a faithful Catholic and a video gamer? That's a question all Catholic gaming enthusiasts -- including the young adults at whom many of the industry's offerings are primarily targeted -- must ask themselves as this medium continues to develop and expand its influence over contemporary society.

Movie review: Contagion

Don't forget to bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer when you see "Contagion" (Warner Bros.), a compelling, moment-by-moment account of a deadly virus' march across the globe.

Author: Major religions prepared way for Jesus

By Liz O’ConnorSpecial to The CS&T Lay apologist Roy Abraham Varghese says an apologist responds to St. Paul’s exhortation always to be ready to give a reason for one’s hope, and so he stands ready to explain, describe, and when necessary, defend the faith against any and all comers. Born in India, Varghese, 53, of […]

Reviews of recent summer films

“Zookeeper” (Columbia/MGM) Scattershot, sometimes earthy comedy in which a mild-mannered Boston zoo attendant (Kevin James, who also co-wrote the script) discovers that the animals under his care (voiced by an ensemble that includes Nick Nolte and Adam Sandler) can communicate with him. Their “Wild Kingdom”-style mating advice, however, does little to help him recognize that […]