Ratings for recent films

NEW YORK (CNS) Here is a list of recent films that Catholic News Service has rated on the basis of moral suitability. The first symbol after each title is the Catholic News Service classification. The second symbol is the rating of the Motion Picture Association of America. CNS classifications: A-I general patronage; A-II adults and […]

Watch a video excerpt of the inaugural Concert at the Cathedral

Inaugural Concert at the Cathedral - Vox Renaissance Consort's Angelus, Sept. 16 at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

Does Mario go to Mass? Catholic gamers and the video game industry

Is it possible to be a faithful Catholic and a video gamer? That's a question all Catholic gaming enthusiasts -- including the young adults at whom many of the industry's offerings are primarily targeted -- must ask themselves as this medium continues to develop and expand its influence over contemporary society.

Movie review: Contagion

Don't forget to bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer when you see "Contagion" (Warner Bros.), a compelling, moment-by-moment account of a deadly virus' march across the globe.

Author: Major religions prepared way for Jesus

By Liz O’ConnorSpecial to The CS&T Lay apologist Roy Abraham Varghese says an apologist responds to St. Paul’s exhortation always to be ready to give a reason for one’s hope, and so he stands ready to explain, describe, and when necessary, defend the faith against any and all comers. Born in India, Varghese, 53, of […]

Reviews of recent summer films

“Zookeeper” (Columbia/MGM) Scattershot, sometimes earthy comedy in which a mild-mannered Boston zoo attendant (Kevin James, who also co-wrote the script) discovers that the animals under his care (voiced by an ensemble that includes Nick Nolte and Adam Sandler) can communicate with him. Their “Wild Kingdom”-style mating advice, however, does little to help him recognize that […]

Book offers tips for success in life

‘The Commencement’By George GregorySpecial to the CS&T When the pomp and circumstance of graduation ceremonies is over, high school and college graduates find themselves in a world that offers much opportunity, but one that can also be harsh. Moving forward from the comfortable routine of an academic environment into the world of corporate business can […]

Books offer habits for happy moms

“The Ten Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming our Passion, Purpose and Sanity” by Meg Meeker. Ballantine Books (New York, 2011). 220 pp., $25. Reviewed by Regina Lordan Catholic News Service A book for Catholic mothers makes a nice alternative this year to the typical Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and kitchen appliances. Dr. Meg Meeker […]

From Spanish civil war, story of holiness emerges

By John MulderigCatholic News Service What many people think they know about the Catholic spiritual movement Opus Dei likely comes – unfortunately – from the slanderous misrepresentations of it fobbed off on the public by author Dan Brown in his 2003 novel “The Da Vinci Code.” Brown’s fallacies, moreover, were only perpetuated by the 2006 […]

Confession: Five Sentences That Will Heal Your Life

Book Review By Chris Gentile “Confession: Five Sentences That Will Heal Your Life” by Tom Curran with Tracey Rockwell is 233 pages, and it is published by MCF Press. Curran’s book stresses the five sentences that will help us make a good confession as well as lead a confessional life. They are: “I did it. […]