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Ongoing coverage of Cardinal John Foley’s funeral: Photos of reception of the body and Midmorning Prayer at Seminary

Archbishop Charles Chaput’s Christmas Card to the faithful

Mike Houldin on Cardinal John Foley

In the fall of 1976 I was fresh out of journalism school and desperate to work for a newspaper. So were a lot of other people. The Watergate scandal had spawned an enormous interest in the newspaper business, and everyone, it seemed, wanted to be the next Woodward or Bernstein. I sent letters and resumes […]

Susan Kirk Ryan on Cardinal John Foley

My best memories of Cardinal Foley during the decades I’ve known him are quiet moments, far away from the pomp and ceremony that are attendant to the Church and its ranking members. (Although one of my first memories of him was replete with pomp and ceremony — he was a concelebrant at our wedding in […]

Twitter report: Cardinal Foley lies in state at St. Charles Seminary

Editor’s note: This report will be updated through midmorning prayer. 8:45 am.  Here at St. Charles Seminary, waiting for transfer of Cardinal John Foley’s body. Hearse waits at foot of steps at seminary entrance, at cardinal’s home away from Rome for more than 25 years. Seminarians, faculty and friends gather in main lobby amidst subdued […]

Media coverage of Cardinal John Foley’s funeral Mass

Streaming Live on the Internet and to mobile devices at www.archphila.org beginning at 9:45 a.m. (Public Viewing); 1:40 p.m. (Procession); 2 p.m. (Solemn Funeral Mass) EWTN Broadcast, Friday 12/16, 2 pm (ET Live) CATHOLIC TV Broadcast, Friday 12/16, 2 pm (ET Live) 12/16, 8:00 pm (encore) Telecare Television Broadcast, Friday 12/16, 2 pm (ET Live) […]

Saturdays with Cardinal John P. Foley

Cardinal John P. Foley had the ability to make faith a reasonable and happy choice in these skeptical times. Well-named after his patron saint, John the Evangelist, Cardinal Foley, who died Dec. 11 at 76, drew people to God and the Church through his cheerful personality and his clear, succinct explanations of the Catholic faith. […]

Archdiocese announces rollout of Parish Pastoral Planning initiative

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the beginning of the implementation of Parish Pastoral Planning Initiative Dec. 14. The first 22 of 44 Pastoral Planning Areas (PPAs), each made up of several parishes in the same geographic vicinity, will begin their work of developing and implementing their Parish Pastoral Plans. Under the leadership of Msgr Arthur […]

‘I remember Cardinal Foley’

Cardinal John P. Foley was widely known and loved.  We’re asking those of you who knew him or remember him with affection to use the comments form to leave remembrances of him on our web site. You may also write pledges of prayer for the Cardinal in the same comment section. We look forward to […]

St. Leo Knights of Columbus organize annual holiday food drive

Members of the St. Leo Knights of Columbus Council 1294 and other volunteers filled and distributed boxes with food and toys for more than 300 needy families in the Philadelphia area Sunday, Dec. 11. This is the 24th year the council has organized this holiday drive.