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Investment analyst downgrades stocks over moral, ethical concerns

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- It's not exactly the man-bites-dog story, but rather a man-bites-hand-that-feeds-him story.

Chicago Archdiocese to release documents on past child sex abuse cases

CHICAGO (CNS) -- Chicago Cardinal Francis E. George, in a letter to be published Jan. 12 in parish bulletins, said "any abuse of a young person is heartbreaking" and such cases have put "a heavy burden on all of us in the church."

Low water levels prompt California bishops to urge prayers for rain

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNS) -- California's Catholic bishops are asking Catholics and all people of faith to pray for rain as lower-than-normal rainfall in the state enters its third year.

Jesuit who is nationally known peace activist no longer member of order

TOWSON, Md. (CNS) -- Jesuit Father John Dear, a nationally known peace activist who also is a popular author, retreat leader and lecturer on peace and justice issues, is no longer a member of the Society of Jesus after 32 years with the religious order.

Senate vote clears way for resumption of unemployment benefits

Leaders in the Republican-controlled House have said they would not consider a bill for extending emergency benefits until savings were found elsewhere in the budget to offset its expected $6.4 billion cost over three months.

Catholic agencies in U.S. plan to keep services going in nasty weather

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- With a huge swath of the United States -- from the upper Midwest to the Atlantic Seaboard -- alternating between one-two punches of cold snaps and snowstorms, everybody's talking about the weather. Catholic service providers are also doing something about the increased need for emergency services that such weather brings.

How did we get here? View on evolution marked by partisan, religious divides

The culture wars show no sign of abating in 2014. A Pew Research Center study issued Dec. 30 showed a deepening partisan divide about whether humans existed in present form since the beginning of time or whether they evolved. And, if they did evolve, whether God guided the process along.

New year holds hope for homeless clients seeking work

PHOENIX (CNS) -- The new year will be a brighter beginning for Terrance Alston. The 49-year-old, who spent enough years on the streets, is now fixing up his own home and mending family bonds.

Courts give some last-minute relief from HHS contraceptive mandate

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CNS) -- In the midst of their New Year's Eve celebration with low-income elderly residents, the Baltimore-based Little Sisters of the Poor learned that the Supreme Court issued an injunction temporarily protecting them from the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate.

Milwaukee project makes, markets soaps to help former prostitutes

MILWAUKEE (CNS) -- Soothing aromas of peppermint, lavender, gingerbread and lemon verbena waft through the hallways of the Franciscan Peacemakers headquarters in Milwaukee.