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Pope names panel to streamline marriage annulment process

Two weeks before the start of an extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family, the Vatican announced the formation of a special commission to reform the process of granting marriage annulments.

Vatican astronomer: Just a matter of time until life found in universe

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, has no doubt that life exists elsewhere in the universe and that when humanity discovers it, the news will come as no big surprise.

Pope, in Albania, says killing in God’s name is sacrilege

Killing in the name of God is sacrilege, and religious leaders must denounce the use of faith to justify violence and oppression, Pope Francis said during a one-day visit to Albania.

There’s no ‘magic wand,’ evangelizing takes hard work

Pope Francis told 2,000 pastoral workers from 60 countries to remember the church is like a field hospital, where there are "so many people who are hurt and they are asking us to be close. They are asking us the same thing they asked Jesus," to be by their side.

Doctrinal wars? Both sides fire over Communion for divorced, remarried

The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family will not open until Oct. 5, but some of its most prominent members are already publicly debating what is bound to be one of its most controversial topics: the eligibility of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

Brazil’s bishops host national presidential debate on variety of topics

Brazil's bishops hosted a debate with eight presidential candidates because, as Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis of Aparecida said, the "church cannot ignore politics."

U.S. bishops plan to be stronger advocates for Israeli-Palestinian peace

American bishops were returning to their dioceses after a nine-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a stronger resolve to advocate for peace and to urge the U.S. government to take a leadership role in ushering Israelis and Palestinians toward peace, a member of the delegation said.

Scot bishops hope Catholics join public debate after independence vote

The Catholic bishops of Scotland said they accept the results of referendum in which Scot voters rejected independence.

Chilean cardinal urges people to change their ways to dispel fear

Under strong security measures, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati Andrello led the traditional ecumenical "Te Deum" service Sept. 18 to celebrate Chile's national holidays and urged people to change their ways to dispel fear.

Pope to bishops: Guard the faith, build hope, love sinners as they are

Today's bishops must be as vigilant and courageous as sentinels keeping watch over the faith, and as forgiving and patient as Moses, leading a sinning people across harsh deserts to God, Pope Francis said.