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New Jersey bishop discloses he will soon begin kidney dialysis

CAMDEN, N.J. (CNS) — Bishop Joseph A. Galante of Camden told Catholics of his diocese that he would soon begin dialysis treatment to combat worsening kidney disease. He said that despite the near-daily treatments, “this should enable me to be able to continue an active work schedule both in the office and for the celebration […]

18 Catholic colleges appeal parts of federal health care law mandate

Eighteen Catholic colleges have asked the Obama administration to exempt all religious individuals and institutions from being forced to participate in the federal mandate that health insurance plans cover contraceptives and sterilization.

Pro-life, family, justice workers urged to ‘give up turf’ to partner

Bishop Joseph A. Galante challenged leaders of Catholic pro-life, family life and social justice offices around the country to "tear down our cubicles" and "give up our turf" in order to model collaboration for the rest of the Church. The bishop of Camden, N.J., spoke July 25 at the close of the first day of a national conference in his diocese called "Life, Justice & Family: Partners in the New Evangelization."

Adult stem cells making news in courts, Congress and on football field

Stem-cell research is once again making news in Congress and the courts. But this time, it's on the sports pages too. And instead of the embryonic stem-cell research that was once all the rage, the news is in the field of adult stem-cell research, which does not involve the destruction of human embryos.

Archbishop Chaput asks Catholics to make opposition to HHS mandate known

"The HHS mandate is not simply 'bad' social policy, but precedent-setting in its disregard for conscience rights. There is no reasonable defense for a coercive approach to contraception in health insurance coverage, and Catholics need to make their opposition known firmly and immediately to the Department of Health and Human Services." -- Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia and Chairman of the PCC

Press conference highlights pro life call to action

A press conference was held today at the Capitol in Harrisburg in support of pro-life legislation. In attendance were over 35 legislators as well as various leaders of pro-life constituencies. Francis Viglietta, director of social concerns for the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, said, “the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference applauds the many House and Senate pro-life legislators from both parties who are committed to advancing legislation to provide additional protections for women and unborn children. Our conference shares this goal and welcomes the opportunity to help accomplish it.”

‘God has given you a mission,’ Archbishop tells state legislators in Harrisburg

As the Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania gathered at St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg Sept. 27 to concelebrate Mass for those who serve in public office, Archbishop Charles Chaput told Catholic elected officials that God has given them a mission. “To be a politician is to have a mission. It’s a noble vocation to be a leader in the community, to help draw the community into a deep commitment to the dignity of every individual and profound respect for the common good of everyone,” he said in his homily.

Bishops aim to mobilize Catholics to guard consciences on contraception

The U.S. bishops are working to mobilize Catholics across the country to tell the Obama administration that contraception and sterilization do not constitute preventive care for women and must not be mandated as part of health reform. Through a new website at, the bishops hope to generate thousands of comments to the Department of Health and Human Services about its Aug. 1 proposal that would require nearly all employers to provide sterilization and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including some that can cause an abortion, at no cost to women covered by their health insurance plans.

Fight against federal law will undermine marriage, says Archbishop Dolan

New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. bishops' conference, told President Barack Obama in a Sept. 20 letter that his administration's fight against the Defense of Marriage Act will undermine marriage and create a serious breach of church-state relations.

Catholic, other groups mourn executions of Georgia, Texas inmates

Catholic and other groups mourned the executions Sept. 21 of Troy Davis in Georgia and of Lawrence Brewer in Texas.