Welcome Archbishop Perez

Local preschoolers extend high-fives, hugs for Archbishop Perez

During a Jan. 24 tour of the archdiocesan Casa del Carmen ministry, the former "Padre Nelson" returned to North Philadelphia where he had served for a decade, meeting youngsters and reconnecting with old friends.

Philly’s ‘in great hands’ with Archbishop Perez, say parishioners

Days after their former pastor was announced as their new archbishop, members of St. William Parish gathered after Mass to share memories of a man they called "friend."

Catholic student-athletes not shy in advising Archbishop Perez

CatholicPhilly.com's John Knebels caught the thoughts of 15 Catholic high school athletes in the Philadelphia region, who welcomed Archbishop-elect Nelson Perez with clear advice: use social media.

St. John Neumann Shrine first stop for incoming archbishop

As a Philadelphia priest, Archbishop-elect Nelson Perez often prayed at the shrine of Philadelphia's saintly fourth bishop. As the next archbishop of Philadelphia, he made the shrine his first public visit Jan. 24.

With handshakes and hugs, Archbishop Perez gets to know staff

As he visited all 13 floors of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, familiar faces and voices greeted the man many already knew (and loved) as a pastor and coworker.

Watch news conference with Archbishop-elect Perez

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput introduced Archbishop-elect Nelson J. Perez as the next Archbishop of Philadelphia at a Jan. 23 press conference at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, Philadelphia.

Archbishop Chaput welcomes successor back to Philadelphia

See the remarks delivered by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput at a news conference Jan. 23 introducing Archbishop-elect Nelson J. Perez as the next Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia welcomes home a son as new archbishop

Proclaiming his successor as “exactly the man our church needs,” Archbishop Charles J. Chaput introduced Archbishop-elect Nelson J. Perez at a Jan. 23 press conference in Philadelphia.

Bishop Nelson Perez named new Archbishop of Philadelphia

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput and has appointed Bishop Nelson J. Perez of Cleveland, a former priest of the archdiocese, as his successor.