‘Thinking’ without a moral compass

NEW YORK (CNS) -- "What happens in Vegas" ought not to be made into a movie, but that is "Think Like a Man Too" (Screen Gems), a vulgar sequel with some laughs but much bad behavior in Sin City, and a bit of relationship advice.

Author’s broad opinions weaken otherwise interesting book about girls

To some readers "Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today's Culture" will bring awareness about the perils young women face and instruct families and institutions how to help girls survive in an overly sexualized and violent world.

How to train your child’s ecological viewpoint

NEW YORK (CNS) -- "How to Train Your Dragon 2" is visually pleasing, amusing and occasionally poignant. But saddled with promoting an ecologically correct agenda, the dialogue often sounds clumsy. The theme is taken so far and expressed in such bald terms that viewers may find it unsettling.

’22 Jump Street’ takes a flying leap into ugliness

NEW YORK (CNS) -- Chaotic, foul-mouthed and ultimately loathsome, "22 Jump Street" (Columbia) tries to have it both ways with the subject of homosexuality, alternately snickering at it and defending it.

‘Obvious Child’ treats abortion in obviously deplorable way

If Satan were a movie critic he'd likely give the abortion-themed romantic comedy "Obvious Child" (A24) an enthusiastic "two horns up." He'd love this propaganda piece on how "terminating a pregnancy" can serve as the gateway to a bright and fulfilling future.

‘Groundhog Day’ goes sci-fi thriller in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Despite its premise of a soldier reliving his last day of mortal combat over and over, this satisfying action film starring Tom Cruise also features rare costars: self-sacrifice, romantic restraint and transformation from death to life.

For the aging and the ages, stories provide valuable insight

Spend any time with the aging and you will discover that one thing they have in common is personal stories.

Cancer-themed teen drama delves into love, death and tears

What's a film with a literate, sensible teenager doing in a theater like yours? "The Fault in Our Stars" allows for much weeping while deftly handling an untimely death by cancer. Praise the movie and pass the tissues.

Movie review: Ida

NEW YORK (CNS) -- The starkly beautiful minimalist masterpiece that is "Ida" (Music Box) adroitly navigates two horrific eras of Polish history as an aspiring nun discovers her true identity.

Movie review: Maleficent

NEW YORK (CNS) -- Even an iconic villainess may not be all bad.