Comfort, wisdom fill new books on grieving through death

From Paula D'Arcy's reflections on grieving sudden deaths (her own husband and daughter) to Father Ronald Rolheiser's compassionate take on suicide, their books offer practical hope in grief.

Pope calls for new alliance between young, old to change the world

In an effort to counteract today's "culture of waste" that too easily marginalizes or ignores the young and the elderly, the book creates a model of storytelling, dialogue, connection and reflection to help inspire these two groups to come together and rediscover older people's lost "treasure of their wisdom."

Cartoonist’s comics lighthearted but aim to provoke thought about faith

We're not privy to what our guardian angels say about us, but artist Louis Hall, 54, enjoys imagining their conversations and antics in the comics about life, faith and eternity he creates primarily for young people.

‘Native America,’ Oct. 23, PBS

With "modern scholarship and native knowledge," the program examines and affirms Native Americans' way of life, which is "intimately connected to earth, sky, water and all living things" as manifest in the ancient cities they created, and the traditions they preserve today.

‘Gosnell’ dramatizes Philadelphia’s ‘serial killer’ abortionist

The film indicts not only Kermit Gosnell himself but the political bias of officials who shielded and enabled him. Well-written and acted, the film gets its point across more easily than a documentary might.

New film tells true story of broken marriage restored by God’s grace

"Indivisible" recounts the experiences of an Army chaplain during the Iraq War, how the pressures of that ministry led to the unraveling of his marriage, and ultimately how that relationship was healed as the couple began to cooperate with God's grace.

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ offers offbeat take on Catholic faith

Jeff Bridges stars as a priest in Drew Goddard's intense, challenging drama that examines the need for forgiveness and salvation.

Pope ‘suffered at foot of cross’ after ‘Humanae Vitae,’ says author

Terry Polakovic, co-founder of the Catholic women's study group Endow, explored Humanae Vitae and seven other papal documents spanning the last 138 years to uncover what the Catholic Church says about human life and love.

‘The Circus,’ Oct. 8-9, PBS

Sharon Grimberg writes, produces and directs "The Circus" with care -- and with obvious affection for this wondrous, appealing and long-lived form of popular entertainment. However, she also critically examines the circus world's less savory and more controversial aspects.

Catholic coach’s story of loss and redemption told in new book

"The Chicken Runs at Midnight" tells the story of baseball lifer Joe Donnelly, a devout Catholic who managed the loss of his daughter to cancer, the triumph of a World Series and a return to his boyhood faith.