Van Peebles dispenses spiritual wisdom as pastor in ‘Run the Race’

Mario Van Pebbles plays Pastor Baker in the movie that explores such themes as keeping trust in God, even in the midst of suffering and misfortune, as well as the importance of forgiveness.

Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list finds the nation’s worst sexual exploiters

Each year, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation introduces its "Dirty Dozen" in the way of companies who exploit sex for profit. Some are new entries. Some date back to when the center was known by its original name, Morality in Media.

‘Fighting With My Family’ is a win for all

"Rocky" meets the WWE in this rousing underdog tale of girl who becomes a professional wrestler. Suitable for older teens, the film highlights the importance of perseverance, forgiveness and the bonds of friendship and family.

New book claims homosexuality, hypocrisy rampant in Vatican

A French journalist's new book, timed to hit shelves as the summit on clergy sexual abuse begins in Rome, claims the majority of prelates working at the Vatican live active homosexual lifestyles.

In twist on romantic comedies, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is actually funny

Whether marred by a desire to be outrageous or by situations entirely unrelated to normal human behavior, recent rom-coms are more tiresome than tickling. Not so here, though it's strictly for adults.

What’s poetry doing on a page like this? Plenty

Poetry can make you laugh, think deeply or turn your gaze upward in hope. Editor Matthew Gambino showcases contemporary poets such as Bob Hicok in a new column.

Filmmaker’s new movie ‘Across’ tells story of Father Augustus Tolton

Nashville filmmaker Chris Foley, inspired by the story of Father Tolton's life, has written and directed a short film, "Across," about the Tolton family's escape from slavery.

Actor Gary Sinise describes his road to the Catholic Church

Gary Sinise, the actor best known for playing Lieutenant Dan in the movie "Forrest Gump," followed an unusual path to becoming a Catholic. His wife's lead and the 9/11 terror attacks were the keys.

Top 10 movies and family films of 2018

Curl up on a winter's night or weekend with some of these 20 recent films for quality tales affirming faith and family values.

‘The Lego Movie 2’ puts fun together with good lessons

This family-friendly film offers positive messages about (no puns intended) making connections with friends and family, and constructing a world where people respect one other, no matter their differences.