Jesuit’s Bible guide can benefit both individuals, study groups

A book such as this one is welcome, especially because it is designed for both individual and group use. You don't need to join a Bible study class to benefit from this book; you can go through it on your own.

‘Hostiles’: The guilt of a nation writ on every heart

Every character in this Western shows an overwhelmingly sensitive conscience about the genocide of Native Americans and how they'll be regarded by history. Violence and racism are portrayed realistically, without mythology or joy.

As sweet as tea, ‘Forever My Girl’ is a bit too saccharine

Reflection comes across as sleepiness, small-town life is idealized and the romantic and faith-based elements of this admirable low-budget film attempt to smooth over stilted performances and dialogue.

‘Proud Mary’ is a wild shoot-’em-up in a hit woman’s conversion story

Both violent and sentimental, the film is all style and no credibility because its screenplay fails to lay the foundation either of its farfetched plot or of the adoptive relationship at its center.

Book views Christian Zionism mostly from Protestant perspective

A fresh examination of God's covenant with the Jewish people and the land of Israel lacks virtually any mention of Catholic tradition on these issues in the 20th century or even the profound impact of the Second Vatican Council.

The ride to work takes a dark turn in ‘The Commuter’

Liam Neeson stars in a clumsy thriller that tries to drive home a moral -- but the film's logical shortcomings make for a bumpy ride.

‘Paddington 2’ finds our loveable bear in jail, but not out of charm

Lessons about family loyalty and seeing the good in everyone are served with heavy doses of cartoonish but very enjoyable comedy. The endearing blend of animation and live action is as soothing as a good cup of tea.

Immigrant experience is detailed richly on screen

As the Catholic Church in the United States observes National Migration Week and the subject of immigration continues to occupy the headlines, here, in alphabetical order, are brief reviews of 40 quality films dealing with the immigrant experience.

Anglophiles’ favorite, ‘Victoria,’ is a tad unengaging in 2nd season

The second most popular PBS series of the past 20 years, after "Downton Abbey," a lack of chemistry between the lead characters afflicts this new season. Viewers may well ask: could 16 million Americans be wrong?

It’s the same old, same old ghost trope in latest ‘Insidious’ film

Overall, the fright factor in "Insidious: The Last Key" is low and originality is long gone. Yet the moral compass in this good-natured series remains as dependable as ever.