Deacons called ‘messengers,’ ambassadors between a bishop and his diocese

Bishop McKnight's book, "Understanding the Diaconate," draws on theology, scriptural exegesis, history and sociology to cast a renewed vision for the permanent diaconate in the Catholic Church, which he said is by nature both priestly and diaconal.

Forceful arguments characterize author’s rebuttal of atheism

With bold insights and lively language, Anthony DeStefano rebukes atheists for being "bullies" who rely on scientism and shallow thought. DeStefano also calls out Christians who are "functional atheists," challenging them to live their faith more deeply.

Catholic college prof’s true-to-life soccer book optioned by Netflix

By chance, Amy Bass saw a friend's posting on Facebook about a boys' high school soccer team comprised mainly of Somali players who won the Maine high school championship match. Bass was more than intrigued.

‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’ takes a bite out of boredom

The third installment in the animated series will have older kids and adults saying 'fangs' for the laughs.

‘Skyscraper’ aims high, falls flat

Dwayne Johnson claws his way to the top of a burning high-rise in this violent rescue thriller, but the film stalls at ground level.

Mother’s biography, daughter’s prayers offer glimpse of Shriver family

These two excellent books are best read together, starting with McNamara's insightful page-turner history of the struggles and accomplishments of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, which also includes the achievements of her husband, Sarge Shriver.

’10 That Changed America’

A production of Chicago affiliate WTTW, "10" is journalistic road trip, which explores how various structures shaped American history. The new season investigates the impact of streets, monuments, and marvels on our society.

‘Uncle Drew’ and his old guys lace ’em up for laughs

NBA fans will appreciate the mostly harmless sports comedy, though viewers without a passion for hoops culture may be less indulgent. Christian reverence and some irreverent humor make for passable entertainment.

If you’re late to ‘Ant-Man’ story, you’ll feel left out of sequel

There's plenty of humor and action in the fast-paced sci-fi adventure "Ant-Man and the Wasp," and while it's enjoyable, there's little explanation to the uninitiated viewer of a string of comic-book movies.

Little-known editor perhaps America’s top Christian thinker of last century

As a poet, farmer, writer, publisher, wife and mother of seven, Phyllis Tickle had a deep impact on Christianity, says a new book. Her thesis: Every 500 years Christian cultures go into a period of upheaval. We're in one now.