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Church launches Year for Consecrated Life

The first Sunday of Advent, Nov. 30, marking the start of the new liturgical year, will also inaugurate the Year for Consecrated Life.

Muslims: Stand up to ISIS militants, patriarch says

Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Sako of Baghdad implored moderate Muslims to reject "terrorism in the name of religion" and challenge the actions of Islamic State militants against minorities in Iraq.

Church is a mother without borders, welcoming migrants, pope says

Pope Francis said the Catholic Church's concern for the whole person motivates its material aid to immigrants and refugees and, especially, its pastoral outreach and offer of the sacraments.

Re-gifting: Vatican raffles pope gifts to raise money for poor

Like many Catholic parishes, the Vatican has turned to a raffle to raise money; the difference is, though, the prizes are items originally given as gifts to Pope Francis.

Create jobs, don’t just expand welfare, handouts, pope says

The Catholic Church calls for the creation of job opportunities and the recognition of the dignity of the poor, not simply for more handouts or expanded government welfare programs, Pope Francis said.

Islam, ecumenism and regional conflict on pope’s agenda in Turkey

Almost every papal trip abroad is a complex mix of the religious and political, and that will be especially true of Pope Francis' Nov. 28-30 visit to Turkey.

Rabbi, speaking at the Vatican, champions marriage as male-female bond

The family based on marriage between a man and a woman is the "single most humanizing institution in history" and the test of any society's future, the former chief rabbi of Great Britain told an interreligious conference at the Vatican.

Pakistani church sends demands related to blasphemy to government

The Catholic Church in Pakistan has presented a series of demands to the government, calling for a fair and thorough investigation into the beatings and burning of a young Christian couple accused of desecrating the Quran.

Feed the hungry and care for ‘mother Earth,’ pope tells leaders

Every person has a right to food, and no business plan can override that right, Pope Francis told world leaders today. Ad-libbing, he asked: "And what of our sister and mother, Earth? Are we free of political or economic pressure so we can care for her to avoid self-destruction?"

Pope condemns attack on Jerusalem synagogue, urges end to violence

Pope Francis condemned the "unacceptable episodes of violence" in Jerusalem, episodes that "do not spare even places of worship," after an attack in a synagogue left four worshippers, a policeman and the two attackers dead.