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Archbishop seeks help for embattled Christians of Syria

Ties to the land stretching back two millennia keep Syria's Christian population from fleeing en masse, said Melkite Catholic Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart of Aleppo, Syria.

Bishop in Nepal: Time is running out for victims of earthquake

"The biggest challenge now is the time factor. All of us have to rush to reach out to the victims. It's already too late," Bishop Simick told Catholic News Service April 30 after a five-hour trip to some of the worst-affected areas of Nepal's capital.

Canonization doesn’t mean Blessed Serra was perfect, experts say

Although he is a historian, not a theologian, Robert Senkewicz said: "My sense is that people are not canonized because they are perfect -- otherwise, presumably, St. Peter would never have been canonized.

Poor, marginalized to get VIP seating at Vatican charity concert

For an upcoming Vatican charity concert, Rome's immigrants, poor, elderly and marginalized will be getting front-row VIP treatment, while benefactors will be seated in the back.

Being Christian is service, not ‘makeup’ for a pretty soul, pope says

"To be Christian is to do what Jesus did -- serve," he said in a homily April 30 during Mass in the chapel of his residence, the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

Divided Christians honor martyrs by fidelity, seeking unity, pope says

The witness of modern martyrs, "victims of persecution and violence simply because of the faith they profess," is a bond among Christians that is stronger than anything still dividing them, the pope said.

Pope names new commission to implement reform of Vatican media

Pope Francis has set up a five-person committee -- which includes Irish Msgr. Paul Tighe -- to find ways to implement recommendations for streamlining and modernizing the Vatican's many communications structures.

Seeking a soul mate: Scientists, leaders pin hopes on pope’s encyclical

Even though previous popes have spoken strongly against harming the earth and its inhabitants, one world renowned atmospheric scientist said it is going to be Pope Francis "to save the day."

Belgian bishop: Ruling against archbishop could spur claims for damages

A Belgian bishop said the president of the bishops' conference urged Catholics to respect a court judgment against him for failing to act on allegations of abuse.

Church workers in contested Sudanese border region launch peace efforts

Catholic workers in the contested region of Abyei say the world has lost interest in the unresolved border feud between Sudan and South Sudan, so they are launching new efforts to make peace between the two ethnic groups that claim the isolated region.