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Ukraine crisis shows the danger of manipulating truth, chaplain says

Propaganda and fear were the sparks that ignited the conflict in eastern Ukraine, a conflict that has become a real war, said a Jesuit military chaplain.

In El Salvador, Americans see firsthand legacy of murdered Jesuits

Standing at the edge of the garden where six Jesuit priests were killed in 1989, Echol Nix is clear about the message he is taking home with him to the United States.

Pope Francis reveals top 10 secrets to happiness

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Slowing down, being generous and fighting for peace are part of Pope Francis' secret recipe for happiness -- see the full list.

Let me call you ‘brother’: Pope takes ecumenism one step at a time

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The only name Pope Francis wants divided Christians to call each other is "brother" or "sister."

Iraqi Christians brave heat to demand help from United Nations

MANCHESTER, England (CNS) -- Iraqi Christian refugees braved temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit to demand that the United Nations intervene to protect them from persecution by Islamist militants.

For some Mideast Catholics, church is anchor of hope amid violence

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) -- As the death toll in Gaza surpasses 1,000, violent demonstrations in the West Bank leave dead and wounded, and an entire Christian community is exiled from the Iraqi city of Mosul by Islamic extremists, Christians in the Holy Land find themselves facing harsh realities.

All is lost with war, especially children’s lives, future, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- It's time to stop war, fighting and conflicts, which do nothing but kill and maim, leaving children unexploded ordnance for toys and lives without happiness, Pope Francis said.

German bishops mark WWI anniversary, acknowledge churches share guilt

BERLIN (CNS) -- As the world marks the 100th anniversary of World War I, Germany's Catholic bishops urged efforts to overcome "destructive self-interest" and acknowledged the shared guilt of churches for the conflict, which left 16 million dead.

Like good shepherd, church must seek out, help abused, says survivor

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Just as Jesus commanded pastors to leave their flock to find the lost sheep, the church must set out in search of all those who have been abused by clergy and offer them help, said one abuse survivor.

Resist mafia’s evil, protect environment, pope says in Caserta

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Being Christian is putting God first in one's life, which means having "the courage to say no to evil, violence and exploitation," Pope Francis said, visiting another southern Italian town scarred by mafia crime.